The HDPYX-130 Sensor is a high performance, high dynamic range 1.3 MP image sensor.

Designed for automotive, security and other demanding outdoor applications, the device offers supreme high dynamic range and numerous safety integrity features. An advanced synchronization facility allows stereo and multi-camera systems to work synchronously, minimizing system latency and motion temporal mismatch artifacts.




Key Features

  • Advanced HDR with 3 integration times and on-chip reconstruction for up to 22 bits output
  • Embedded Piece Wise Linear (PWL) compression curve to convert the 22 bits HDR in 12bits output
  • Set of motion and flicker minimizing HDR options
  • Flicker flag to indicate where flickering has been detected within a frame
  • Advanced Dark calibration which estimates and subtracts dark current for each pixel and exposure
  • Defective Pixel correction to correct dynamically single or duet defective pixels in Mono and Raw Bayer
  • Windowing, image cropping and subsampling
  • MIPI CSI-2 (2 Lanes / 55Mbps)
  • Parallel 12bits video interface (66Mp/s)
  • I2C (400MHz or 1GHz) fast control interface
  • Dual integrated temperature sensors.
  • Safety features



More details about this sensor can be found in our product factsheet.

User Friendly demonstration kit is available for HDPYX 130.

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