Through dedicated IP portfolio and know how, Pyxalis can differentiate in the following key technologies :


High dynamic range : See the shade in bright sunlight !

Pyxalis can offer an innovative dynamic range (patented) that allows in a single frame readout to get a programmable wide dynamic range up to 120dB. Furthermore, this approach allows a linear response well suited for color applications (true color) and a minimum of processing off chip (no calibration)


Image processing : Smart sensors !

Pre-processing is important in many markets to ease application or reduce system processing overheads. Pyxalis ‘s experience allows to integrate on-chip a wide range of interesting functions such as a highly programmable multi-Regions Of Interest (ROI) including single or multiple integrations features , frame statistics, or a host of other digital functions. Pyxalis has the know-how to embed image processing through a compact & high performing 32bits microprocessor core.


Global shutter pixel : Freeze a fast move !

The Global shutter is an important feature for fast moving object imaging for application particularly in the industrial markets. A unique high performing global shutter is part of Pyxalis technology portfolio.


High speed imaging : As fast as lightning!

Through optimized architecture combined with a column AD converter (up to 14 bits), a very high frame rate can be achieved with high image quality.


Low light Imaging : See through the eyes of an owl!

Pyxalis’s experience covers the design of sensors to optimize the image capture in darkness or in the NIR.


Large sensors : Up to one die per 12″ wafer!

Specific applications for example in medical or non destructive testing require very large area image arrays. The Pyxalis team has worked on several technologies using 1D or 2D stitching techniques including post process. Dedicated optimization has been implemented to make the sensor robust in terms of yield and reliability (ESD & latch up).