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photonic westFebruary 01–06 2020, San Francisco, USA: Pyxalis will attend Photonic West Show in San Francisco in 2020. We will be on the french Pavillon. more update to follow. 



Products and Services

A Flexible Business Model


In the spectrum of Image Sensor companies, Pyxalis occupies a unique position, offering Custom Design, Semi-Custom Sensors, Design services as well as standard pixel evaluation platform. Pyxalis has a flexible business model and will act as your partner. If you want a turn key sensor, Pyxalis can for instance take care of low to medium production, working with proven, high quality partners in europe for assembly and volume testing. If you want to have full control of your supply chain, which is typically the case for high volume production, Pyxalis will set-up for a you a turn key supply chain, and deliver this supply chain to you. In any aspect of its interaction, being technical or business, Pyxalis will remain an open-card player, a quality proven many times and valued by our customers.



Custom Design Image Sensors

Competences and applications


Pyxalis is a Company specialized in designing and producing High Performance custom image sensors. The company offers more than 180 Man-Years of experience in the field of image sensor development with competences in:

  • • Pixel designs
  • • Analog and Digital designs
  • • Product characterization 
  • • Product industrialization and Qualifications


You will find Pyxalis designed Sensors in the following application domains:

  • • Medical imaginglab_250
  • • Security
  • • Machine vision
  • • Science
  • • Air and space
  • • Digital photography



Pyxalis custom offer


Through dedicated IP portfolio and know how, Pyxalis can offer its partners a key technology differentiation to enable success :

_DSF3009-W250Very High dynamic range

Pyxalis can offer an innovative dynamic range (patented) that allows in a single frame readout to get a programmable wide dynamic range up to 120dB. Furthermore, this approach allows a linear response well suited for color applications (true color) and a minimum of processing off chip (no calibration)



digImage processing and Smart sensors

Pre-processing is important in many markets to ease application or reduce system processing overheads. Pyxalis ‘s experience allows to integrate on-chip a wide range of interesting functions such as a highly programmable multi-Regions Of Interest (ROI) including single or multiple integrations features , frame statistics, or a host of other digital functions. Pyxalis has the know-how to embed image processing through a compact & high performing 32bits microprocessor core.


_DSF5279-W250Global shutter pixel and High Speed Imaging

The Global shutter is an important feature for fast moving object imaging for application particularly in the industrial markets. A unique high performing global shutter is part of Pyxalis technology portfolio. Through optimized architecture combined with a column AD converter (up to 14 bits), a very high frame rate can be achieved with high image quality.


_DSF3002-W250Low light Imaging

Pyxalis experience covers the design of sensors to optimize the image capture in darkness or in the NIR.




_DSF3032-W250Large sensors : Up to one die per 12″ wafer

Specific applications for example in medical or non destructive testing require very large area image arrays. The Pyxalis team has worked on several technologies using 1D or 2D stitching techniques including post process. Dedicated optimization has been implemented to make the sensor robust in terms of yield and reliability (ESD & latch up).


Semi-Custom Sensors

On top of its Full Custom Sensors and Design Services, Pyxalis offers now semi-custom Sensors. Pyxalis is developping  his own platform products for specific application domains and those plateform sensors can be customized on demand. Pyxalis is particulary proud to announce the release of his first platform: HDPYX.

The HDPYX sensor is a 3MP, 120dB linear Dynamic range sensor, dedicated to metrolog,  Scientific imaging, high end security… . it features a flexible shutter operation (Rolling, Global, Global low noise) using an HDR 10um pixel and dedicated patented sensor architecture. The Sensor embeds two High Dynamic range methods to reach 120dB Dynamic range. The sensor is also capable of acquiring low light levels with a noise floor measured at 2,6e- RMS.


It can be extensively customized depending on your application:

  • • Modified EPI thickness for NIR operation_DSF3010-W250
  • • Back Side Illumination
  • • UV enhancement
  • • Specific custom color filters
  • • Custom Color Filters
  • • Custom packaging
  • • …

…Or it can be used as is for many different applications.

If you need more information on this sensor, you will find a sensor description here. For all business and technical inquiries, feel free to Contact Us!


CreaPYX: a unique Pixel Evaluation platform

CreaPYX concept

creapyx_logoIn image sensor business, the pixel is the key component that can make the difference between the success and the failure of a particular product. Design house tend to prototype pixels on test runs, or shuttle runs, prior to developing a complete product. The idea behind CreaPYX platform is to shorten the prototyping cycle time as much as possible so design house can focus on what matters: make the best pixel possible and test it as fast as possible!

Pyxalis offers to Design houses a complete solution for prototyping pixels comprising:

  • A customized, fully silicon proven Pixel-frame layout, to the required dimensions, in the target technology:


  • A test system fully compatible with the Pixel frame.



A flexible platform

Different market require different pixels and CreaPYX platform can serve most of the needs you may have in terms of pixels designs:

• 3T, 4T, 5T, NT architecturescore
• Pixel pitch from 1um to 500 um
• Shared or non-shared pixels 
• Time-gating pixels
• Anti-blooming pixels
• Negative pixel biasing
• TDI operation
• NMOS/PMOS pixel types
• Local CCD
• Front Side Illumination / Back Side Illumination
• Tunable multiple voltage, Rise and fall time of pixel control lines.


A proven test environment

CreaPYX testing platform provides a simple, fast and proven testing environment to evaluate pixels designed in the CreaPYX frame. Based on USB 3, it makes it possible to the the impact of timing modification, supply voltage variation and biasing condition in real time! If you do not wish to use the provided environnement, Pyxalis provides DLLs to integrate the CreaPYX platform in Matlab or Labview environment.




creapyx_logo You will find documentation here and for all business and technical inquiry, in particular if you want to verify availability in a given technology node, feel free to contact us!


Standard products


HDPYX 160 G & 230 G


The HDPYX-G image sensors use a groundbreaking global shutter pixel with dual in-pixel memory to capture prefect high dynamic range (HDR) images. Outstanding features are excellent in-scene dynamic, low noise and high sensitivity. The result is a perfect picture in all conditions. Target applications and market include scanning, night vision, ITS, robotic and surveillance.

Key Features

  • Global shutter features_HDPYX160-G-230-G
  • Build-in pixel high-dynamic technology
  • Very high MTF 
  • Artefact free on-chip HDR
  • CDS for black level constancy
  • Two low noise 11bits ADC
  • 8/10/12/14/16bits output format
  • Pixel processing pipeline (ISP)
  • programmable gamma curve
  • 8 regions of interest (ROI)
  • GPIO for trigger and status
  • Master and slave modes
  • Subsampling and binning up to x4
  • MIPI CSI-2 output (4 Lanes / 800Mbps)
  • Parallel output (12bits / 100 MHz)
  • Serial communication interface
  • Integrated temperature sensors
  • Safety features



More details about this sensor can be found in our product factsheet.

User Friendly demonstration kits are available for HDPYX 160-G and 230-G, color and monochrome.

If you want to know more about Pyxalis HDPYX 160-G and 230-G image sensors, please contact us. Or contact your local Framos Representative.






The HDPYX-130 Sensor is a high performance, high dynamic range 1.3 MP image sensor.

Designed for automotive, security and other demanding outdoor applications, the device offers supreme high dynamic range and numerous safety integrity features. An advanced synchronization facility allows stereo and multi-camera systems to work synchronously, minimizing system latency and motion temporal mismatch artifacts.




Key Features

  • Advanced HDR with 3 integration times and on-chip reconstruction for up to 22 bits output
  • Embedded Piece Wise Linear (PWL) compression curve to convert the 22 bits HDR in 12bits output
  • Set of motion and flicker minimizing HDR options
  • Flicker flag to indicate where flickering has been detected within a frame
  • Advanced Dark calibration which estimates and subtracts dark current for each pixel and exposure
  • Defective Pixel correction to correct dynamically single or duet defective pixels in Mono and Raw Bayer
  • Windowing, image cropping and subsampling
  • MIPI CSI-2 (2 Lanes / 55Mbps)
  • Parallel 12bits video interface (66Mp/s)
  • I2C (400MHz or 1GHz) fast control interface
  • Dual integrated temperature sensors.
  • Safety features



More details about this sensor can be found in our product factsheet.

User Friendly demonstration kit is available for HDPYX 130.

If you want to know more about Pyxalis HDPYX 130 image sensor, please contact us. Or contact your local Framos Representative.




The HDPYX-300 Sensor is a high performance, high dynamic range 3MP image sensor.

Designed for Instrumentation, Scientific and high end security market as well as demanding HDR machine vision applications, the device offers extremely high dynamic range with a unique dual core architecture. The sensor works in different Global or rolling shutter modes.


Key Features

  • Shutter modes:Electronic Rolling Shutter with CDS (ERS)
    • Global Shutter Low-Noise with CQS (GSLN)
    • Global Shutter with UDS (GS)features_HDPYX300
    • Global Start Rolling Shutter (GRS)
  • Wide-Dynamic-Range capabilities and on-chip computing:
    • Mode 1: In-pixel dual gain with automatic switch selection (1 frame readout, true intra-scene HDR)
    • Mode 2: Line-interlaced (odd/even) dual integration times (configurable ratio)
  • Digital corrections
    • Automatic column offset correction
    • Programmable digital gain and offset
    • HDR Interpolation filter for mode 2 (sat. pixels compensation)
    • HDR Reconstruction filter (compensation of dual integration and/or dual gain mode)
  • Anti-blooming function & black sun effect correction
  • Frame rates:
    • Up to 100fps in Full-HD (1968 x 1088), 12bits in ERS or GS
    • Up to 45fps in Full-ROI (2800 x 1088), 14bits in ERS with HDR
  • Advanced ROI selection unit:
    • H&V flip
    • H&V Sub-sampling
    • Fully programmable ROI Selection down to pixel resolution
    • Configurable dark reference output
  • Output format:
    • Configurable CMOS, LVDS or sub-LVDS data output
    • 2 data-output banks, each with 4 to 6 LVDS pairs
    • Up to 20bits data output
  • 10bits temperature sensor
  • SPI interface controller
  • I/Os for Multipurpose triggers and Shutter & Flash synchronization


More details about this sensor can be found in our product factsheet.

User Friendly demonstration kit is available for HDPYX 300.

If you want to know more about Pyxalis HDPYX 300 image sensor, please contact us. Or contact your local Framos Representative.


Who we are


Pyxalis specializes in design services and custom solutions development for advanced CMOS image sensors serving a wide range of applications from niche to high volume markets. Funded in August 2010, the company is located in Moirans, in the Grenoble ‘’Imaging valley’’ – French Alps. Specialization in advanced image sensors design makes Pyxalis unique in France. 



We are a group of experts with an equivalent experience of more than 180 men years in various domains of CMOS Imaging.

With a strong emphasis on innovation (more than 30 filed patents), the team has a nice track record of right-first-time advanced image sensor products in the field of medical, industrial, machine vision, surveillance & consumer markets. Our key strengths issuing from this industrial experience are : aggressive time to product/market, profound customer & application knowledge, extensive IP toolbox, advanced on-chip image control and processing integration.



  Quality at Pyxalis is the number one priority. Pyxalis is proud to be ISO 9001-2015 certified for “design and industrialization of Integrated circuits” process.





Management Team


Philippe Rommeveaux, President & CEO

20 years experience in semicondutors and image sensors. Former Imaging business Unit General Manager at e2v (80 people, 50 M€ revenue),


Sophie Caranhac, Chief Operating Officer

23 years experience in image sensors. Product development team manager at e2v (40 people including project management, design, characterization and industrialization). Started the CMOS imaging activity at e2v/Atmel in 2000 & contributed to the success and growth of business.


Francis Geay, Site Director

30 years experience in semiconductor engineering and 15 years in team management in the areas of product & test engineering, quality assurance, customer support and EDA tools, design flows & physical design.


Mission & values

Image sensors are more and more everywhere in various range of format, performances that standard CMOS can not cover.

CMOS image sensors are complex to develop and require large investment (people, experience, design tools …) that explains a trend to externalize the development.

Pyxalis sustains the image sensors pervasion offering industrial, innovative developments fitted to customer specific need resulting in a very aggressive time to product without any customer internal investment.


We strongly believe in:

Long term partnerships :

Value of listening, proactivity, honesty, confidence and ethics.

Integrity and total professionalism

Innovation :

Make the difference thanks to specialized expertise

Create a culture of innovation and differentiation

Commitment :

Respect our commitment through methodology, efficiency, flexibility and agility

logo-afaq-iso-9001-pngQuality is our number one priority. Pyxalis is ISO9001-2015 certified for “design and industrialization of Integrated circuits” process.



“Grenoble imaging The Valley” enables Pyxalis to thrive from their proximity to:

Applied research centers :

  • CEA LETI (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique)
  • INRIA (Institut National de Recherche Informatique et en Automatique
  • Universities
  • ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)

A competitive R&D cluster with Minalogic

Highly skilled Imaging SMEsin Imaging systems which can collaborate with us to provide a complete vision solution

Industries operating as the leaders of their imaging market segment
Semiconductors technology providers (STm, …)

In this context, Pyxalis is a unique industrial and independent company specialized in Imaging in the region



We’re hiring !


Analog Designer

You work as a project team, in close collaboration with the leading analog circuit design.
You therefore participate in the architecture development of the analog part.
As a member of the analog design team, you actively participate in the definition and evolution of the business, both in terms of tools and development methodologies.
You are also able to offer innovative architectural concepts, particularly in power management.

Interested ? Send us your Résumé and letter at Pyxalis.

Please find here a more detailed Job Description in French.


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