The HDPYX-130 Sensor is a high performance, high dynamic range 1.3 MP image sensor.

Designed for automotive, security and other demanding outdoor applications, the device offers supreme high dynamic range and numerous safety integrity features. An advanced synchronization facility allows stereo and multi-camera systems to work synchronously, minimizing system latency and motion temporal mismatch artifacts.

Key Features

  • Resolution Class : 1,3MP (1304×980)

  • Shutter mode : Electronic Rolling Shutter

  • Frame rates: Up to 45fps

  • Wide-Dynamic-Range : On-chip computing up to 132dB

  • Digital corrections

  • Advanced ROI selection unit

  • Output Interfaces : MIPI CSI-2 and 12bits Parallel

  • Control  Interface (SPI) : I2C

  • Dual Integrated temperature sensors

  • Automotive Qualification

Resolution class : 1.3MP

  • Active pixels: 1304 x 980
  • Aspect Ratio:  4:3
  • Optical Diagonal : 1:2,7″

Shutter Mode: Electronic Rolling Shutter

Frame rates: Up to 45fps in Full Resolution

Wide-Dynamic-Range capabilities and on-chip computing

  • 3 integration Times and on-chip recontruction for up to 22bits.
  • Set of Motion and Flicker minimizing HDR option

Digital corrections

  • Advanced Dark Calibration which estimates and substract Dark current for each pixel and exposure.
  • Programmable digital gain and offset
  • Embedded Pice Wise Linear Compression (PWL) to convert 22bits output in 12bits

Advanced ROI selection unit:

  • H&V flip
  • H&V Sub-sampling
  • Fully programmable ROI Selection down to pixel resolution

Output Interfaces :

  • MIPI CSI-2 (2 Lanes / 55Mbps) data output
  • Parallel 12bits Video interface (66Mp/s)

Control Interface (SPI) : I2C (400MHz or 1GHz) fast control Interface

Dual Integrated temperature sensors

Automotive Qualification:

  • AEC-Q100 grade 2
  • ASIL B compliant
  • HDR machine vision
  • Automotive
  • Handheld professional applications
  • Security & Surveillance market
  • Scientific

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