The HDPYX 330-G image sensors use a groundbreaking global shutter pixel with dual Gain to capture perfect high dynamic range (HDR) images. Outstanding features are high speed, excellent in-scene dynamic, low noise and high sensitivity. The result is a perfect picture in all conditions. Target applications and market include High speed capture, night vision, ITS, robotic and surveillance, low flux scientific, defense image fusion imaging and Full HD Video with electronic stabilization.

Key Features

  • Resolution Class : 3,3MP

  • Shutter mode : Global Shutter Low noise

  • Ultra-Low crosstalk : Deep Trench Technology (DTI)

  • Analog Binning 2×2 (charge domain)

  • Monochrome & Color filters (RGB Bayer or Quad Bayer)

  • Frame rate: Up to 200fps

  • Wide-Dynamic-Range : Dual Gain with On-chip reconstruction

  • Digital corrections

  • Advanced ROI selection unit

  • Output Format: LVDS

  • Control  serial Interface (SPI)

Resolution class : 3.3MP

  • Active pixels: 2160 x 1536
  • Aspect Ratio:  4:3
  • Optical Diagonal : 2/3″

Shutter Mode: Global Shutter

  • Pixel Pitch : 4,4µm
  • Low noise by multisampling (<2 e-)
  • Cyclic ADC for higher speed (10/11/12bits)

Ultra-Low Crosstalk :

  • Deep Trench Isolation Technology (DTI)
  • Very high MTF in Nir Range

Analog Bining :

  • 2×2 in charge domain
  • Sensitivity x4 for low light conditions

Frame rates: Up to 200fps in Full Resolution

Wide-Dynamic-Range :

  • Dual Gain
  • On-chip reconstruction
  • Linear Dynamic Range up to 79dB
  • Output up to 16bits in HDR mode

Digital corrections

  • Advanced Dark Calibration which estimates and substract Dark current for each pixel and exposure.
  • Programmable digital gain and offset
  • Embedded Pice Wise Linear Compression (PWL)

Advanced ROI selection unit:

  • SMIR: 3×3 non overlaping
  • MIMR : x2 ROIs by using Frame sequencing mode

Output Interfaces :

  • 16 LVDS Output Lanes @ up to 960Mbps
  • Night Vision and surveillance systems
  • Full HD video with Electronic stabilization
  • Defense / Image fusion
  • Low flux scientific imaging
  • High speed moving imaging

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