CREAPYX is the pixel development platform of PYXALIS: This is an ultra-fast pixel prototyping vehicle with extreme flexibility.

the CreaPYX plateform is dedicated for new pixel development. Have an idea for a new pixel concept ? We can prototype it in record time and deliver you not only the pixel to your specification, but also a complete camera, ready for experimentation, evaluation or event your own client demonstration!

This unique, affordable pixel short loop solution has seen more than 40 successful Tape-out with 400+ pixel variants on library in 3 different foundries and 5 CMOS image sensor processes. it is fast, efficient and reliable.

Key Features

  • ST Microelectronics, Tower Jazz or LFoundry test chips

  • Pixel sizes from <1µm to >500µm

  • Pixel architectures: 3T, 4T, 5T …shared

  • Ultra low noise pixels

  • FSI and BSI circuits

  • Full timing adjustment

Very Flexible approach:

  • Up to 8 control signals per pixel line
  • Rising and falling edge slew rate control
  • Up to 3 level voltage applied on signal control lines
  • Large range of power supplies
  • Timing adjustment through IHM /EK
  • Column bandwidth adjustment
  • Column current control
  • Matrix power supply dynamic control
  • XY addressing through column control
  • Test unit to visualize pixel signal control
  • Available on multiple CIS process

Compliant with:

  • High resistivity substrate
  • Negative voltage on pixel control line
  • Large range of power supply inputs
  • HDR pixel with multiple readout
  • Non-destructive readout
  • Post process options
  • CCD (charge transfer) concept
  • Mechanical shutters and/or flash lights
  • Bulk biasing
  • TDI operation
  • NMOS/PMOS pixel type
  • 3V3 & 5V option

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