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New sensors for new world challenges

A new leaf

At Pyxalis, we design and manufacture high-end CMOS image sensors. Imaging plays an increasing role in the challenges ahead of us all, this is why we believe it is our responsibility to develop imaging solutions that help building a better, safer and healthier world with more harmony between people and our planet. We have engage ourselves in the development of new imaging technologies to address specifically those applications that care for:

  • Environment
  • People safety
  • Healthcare

Designing the world we value

Pyxalis is proud to design and supply image sensors in those particular fields, based on in-house R&D, directly intended for those markets. Pyxalis has been developing during the last year outstanding global shutter low light high dynamic range custom pixels for night vision and defense / scientific applications, brand new linescan sensors with advanced detectivity thanks to unique new design bricks close for space imaging, in close relationship with French Ministry of defense.

We have been working on innovative healthcare solutions, in X-ray domain with ultra-low dose pixels, or in endoscopic applications with high-end miniature imaging systems.

Environmental monitoring is also a major area in which Pyxalis is investing in new technologies. We have been taking part in the development of a ground breaking optical pollution detector and we are supplying image sensors for space applications dedicated to our planet health monitoring. Extended wavelength range sensitivity (UV-VIS-NIR) and multi/hyperspectral technologies are key ones to deal with these applications

CMOS sensors without any compromise

It is Pyxalis belief that Technology in general, and image sensors in particular can have a positive impact on the future of our societies and our mission is to help your developments in those areas with groundbreaking concepts and state of the art quality and outstanding support.

As a company and as a team of Engineers and researchers, we also know that “Great things have small beginnings.” Major ideas come often from humility, especially in the environmental and healthcare development.

At Pyxalis we have always supported young companies, start-ups, research institutes and solutions that provide value for your project, to help you get to the next step, make your idea progress, and evolve into a product with an impact. Small or big, small product series or large volumes, we will do our best to support your activities.

We always have, we always will.

Sharing a vision 

If like us, you share our visions and values, contact us!

we can provide an image solution that is just right for you,

without any compromise.

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