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CreaPYX is a unique, short loop, ultra fast, pixel prototyping platform.

Have an idea for a groundbreaking pixel concept ? Prototype it in record time and get your own camera to go with it.

The closest thing to an Image Sensor FPGA on the market!

HDPYX 160-G /  230-G

Small Rugged global shutter image sensor with outstanding HDR performances

  • up to 2.3 MP

  • Global shutter

  • Mono, RGB or RGB-NIR

  • 98dB of dynamic range

  • 16bits ouput


Small Rugged image sensor with extreme HDR performances

  • 1.3 MP

  • built-in HDR

  • RGB

  • 132dB of dynamic range

  • MIPI interface


Scientific image sensor platform with 20bits per pixel output.

  • 3 MP

  • Built-in linear HDR

  • versatile shutter modes

  • 120dB of dynamic range

  • 20bits per pixel interface


Global shutter Low light night vision sensors

  • 3.3MP

  • Global shutter

  • ultra low noise with CMS

  • 96dB of dynamic range

  • 16 bits output

GigaPYX 4600

Large scale high sensitivity, high speed image sensor

  • 46MP

  • BSI

  • up to 200FPS in 8K

  • 96dB of dynamic range

  • versatile output configuration

Looking for a tailored solution ?

take a look at our custom design capabilities!

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