The HHDPYX230-G image sensors use a groundbreaking global shutter pixel with dual in-pixel memory to capture prefect high dynamic range (HDR) images. Outstanding features are excellent in-scene dynamic, low noise and high sensitivity.

The result is a perfect picture in all conditions. Target applications and market include scanning, night vision, ITS, robotic and surveillance.

Key Features

  • Shutter modes : Global shutter

  • Resolution : 2,3MP

  • Multiple Color filter options

  • Build-in pixel High Dynamic technology

  • Frame rates: Up to 60fps

  • Output format: 8/10/12/14/16 bits

  • Digital corrections

  • Anti-blooming function & black sun effect correction

  • Advanced ROI selection unit

  • MIPI and LVDS outputs

  • SPI interface controller

  • I/Os for Multipurpose triggers and Shutter & Flash synchronization

Shutter mode : Global Shutter

  • Pixel : 3,2µm pitch
  • Micro-Lenses for an higher efficiency
  • Deep Trench Isolation Technology for a reduced crosstalk, especially in Nir Infra-Red

Resolution :  1944 x 1204,  Optical diagonal: 1/2,5″

Multiple Color Filters options :  Monochrome and RGB+Nir (Dense-Nir)

Build-in pixel high-dynamic technology :

  • Dual Memory node to store Long and short exposure on Pixel level
  • Multiple combination : HDR, averaging and substraction
  • Linear Dynamic Range up to 98dB

Frame rates :   Up to 60fps

Output formats :

  • from 8/10/12 to 14/16bits (HDR mode) with low noise 11bits ADC
  • embedded Piece Wise Linear compression (32 points)

Digital corrections :

  • Automatic Black Level correction
  • Programmable digital gain and offset

Advanced ROI selection unit :

  • 8 regions of Interest
  • Mirror and Flip
  • Subsampling and digital binning up to x4
  • 2 contexts to switch in ROI, exposure, Gain … from one frame to another.

Output format :

  • MIPI CSI-2 output (4 Lanes @ 800Mbps)
  • 12bits Parallel output @ 100MHz

SPI interface controller

I/Os for Multipurpose triggers and Shutter & Flash synchronization :

  • GPIO for Trigger and Status
  • Master ans Slave modes

Operating conditions:

  • Embedded Auto-diagnostic features
  • Operating Temperature of -40°C to 125°C
  • HDR machine vision
  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • Security & Surveillance market
  • Medical
  • Agriculture and Environment

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