NewSpace: Pyxalis standardizes ‘ready-to-use’ image sensors

La Tribune has recently shed light on our company’s NewSpace developments ! 🛰️

Indeed Pyxalis has been selected in the latest round of the “Constellations” call for projects, launched in October 2022 as part of France2030, to support the development of French technological systems and components for satellite constellations.
Embracing a NewSpace approach, we’ve been undertaking a project (Pyxis) to develop “ready-to-use” image sensors that address current challenges in the satellite market, focusing on satellite constellations.

Pyxis aims to mature Pyxalis’ standardized sensors, which have been primarily designed for terrestrial use, so that they can be easily integrated into space cameras. The second stage of the Pyxis project involves adapting a large Pyxalis sensor (220 Megapixels) for space use. It could be used for Earth observation or for surveillance around satellites to detect potential threats (debris, malicious attacks, etc.). Finally, as part of this project call, Pyxalis must advance in the development of a hyperspectral solution, again for space applications.

Last year, Pyxalis was already selected in another France 2030 project call (Environmental Space Surveillance component). The objective was to develop a camera around an already developed “standard” electronic card for space. It was the first company in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes to be selected in the space component of France2030. Since then, others, such as Absolut Sensing (in different positions), have joined.

👉 Read more about Pyxis here

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