Pyxalis Unveils Exciting Insights into Innovative Space Camera Project – Pyxcam

Présences magazine came to interview our CEO, Philippe Rommeveaux to discuss one of our strategic projects: Pyxcam. The occasion for us to share our vision and mission for Pyxcam, shedding light on how this project will make a significant impact in the space technology sector. Pyxcam aims to develop a space camera with the critical task of detecting potential threats to satellites, whether they are space debris or objects intentionally sent to destroy them.
We are honored to have been selected by #France2030 for this vital endeavor, and we are fully committed to contributing to the security and sustainability of outer space.
Stay tuned for more updates on Pyxcam and our journey to safeguard space assets and the orbital environment. 🚀🛰️”

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