PYXALIS’ Image Sensors for Medical Applications

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Our last high dynamic newsletter is out ! Being one of its pillars, healthcare has always been an important sector to which PYXALIS wanted to contribute through reliable, and high-performance sensor solutions. In this edition, you'll explore the contribution of Pyxalis in medical imaging and the possibilities we offer for your future projects. 👉🏼 Follow the link and discover our latest High Dynamic Newsletter

NewSpace : Pyxalis standardizes ‘ready-to-use’ image sensors

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NewSpace: Pyxalis standardizes 'ready-to-use' image sensors La Tribune has recently shed light on our company's NewSpace developments ! 🛰️ Indeed Pyxalis has been selected in the latest round of the "Constellations" call for projects, launched in October 2022 as part of #France2030, to support the development of French technological systems and components for satellite constellations. Embracing a NewSpace approach, we’ve been undertaking a project (Pyxis) to develop "ready-to-use" image sensors that address current challenges in the satellite market, focusing on satellite constellations. Pyxis aims to mature Pyxalis' standardized sensors, which have been primarily designed for terrestrial use, [...]

Pyxalis or the well-being on a human scale

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Pyxalis or the well-being on a human scale The magazine Les Affiches de Grenoble et du Dauphiné recently highlighted our company in an article dedicated to the quality of life at work. 🚀 Discover how we approach the crucial issue of QWL (Quality of Work Life). Our commitment to the well-being of our employees is at the heart of our corporate culture. 💼 We are proud of our team and the initiatives we have implemented. QWL is a broad subject, and there are always new approaches and innovations to discover in order to create ever more fulfilling [...]

Dive into space with our latest High Dynamic Newsletter!

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Our last high dynamic newsletter is out ! When it comes to space imaging, Pyxalis is your go-to partner for innovative, reliable, and high-performance sensor solutions. Explore our Cutting-Edge Products for standard and New Space’s approaches. 👉🏼 Follow the link and discover our latest High Dynamic Newsletter

Pyxalis and Aedvices collaborate on the creation of a new CPU architecture

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Pyxalis and Aedvices collaborate on the creation of a new CPU architecture In 2023, Aedvices and Pyxalis joined forces to develop an innovative architecture enhancing image sensors, focusing on optimizing cache memory mechanisms. Aedvices' interns worked on improving cache memory and integrating it into Pyxalis' Image Sensor SoC. This collaboration bolstered the performance of Pyxalis' imagers, underscoring the significance of technical expertise. The partnership will continue with the development of a Proof of Concept to showcase performance and verify hardening by design. Check out the full article by #Pyxalis #techcollaboration #innovation #imaging

Pyxalis Unveils Exciting Insights into Innovative Space Camera Project – Pyxcam

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Pyxalis Unveils Exciting Insights into Innovative Space Camera Project - Pyxcam Présences magazine came to interview our CEO, Philippe Rommeveaux to discuss one of our strategic projects: Pyxcam. The occasion for us to share our vision and mission for Pyxcam, shedding light on how this project will make a significant impact in the space technology sector. Pyxcam aims to develop a space camera with the critical task of detecting potential threats to satellites, whether they are space debris or objects intentionally sent to destroy them. We are honored to have been selected by #France2030 for this vital endeavor, and we are [...]

Great opportunities from VISION 2021 !

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VISION 2021 has come to a successful close last week. As for us, the event has lived up to our expectations ! The machine vision industry has met at VISION after a three-year break, The demand for face to face discussions was evident and we've been glad to meet with so many valued customers, partners and market prospects. For this edition, Pyxalis was present on the French Pavillon with Mulitple demos and new sensors such as an RGB+NIR version of our little Global shutter HDPYX 230-G or a BSI version of the HDPYX 300 , our scientific imaging [...]

Pyxalis: entreprise lauréate du Plan de Relance Gouvernemental

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Plan de relance : six projets isérois à nouveau retenus Le projet Sphinx porté par Pyxalis est un projet de recherche industrielle qui vise à développer des capteurs d’images hautes performances plus sensibles à la lumière et compatibles 3D à destination des marchés de l’environnement, de la surveillance et de l’imagerie biomédicale. L’entreprise sera ensuite en mesure de présenter des produits de rupture d’une sensibilité inégalée et capables de fournir un résultat d’analyse.

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